How Do I Honor My Impact On My Husband?

By Nurturing His Masculinity!

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Brother Paul and Brother Silas sent up praise to YAHUAH in the quiet of midnight (Acts 16:25). What they said? The Scripture isn’t exact. But we know that they made sure to praise YAH in their imprisonment. Before they asked for release. Before they let their hearts be dampened. Before they complained and claimed they were forsaken or experiencing the wrath of The Most High.

Their praise didn’t just lighten their hearts though. It didn’t just make them feel better. It didn’t just bring YAH the glory He is owed. The Scripture says other prisoners heard Brother Paul and Brother Silas, and suddenly there was an earthquake so great that the prison floor was shaken, and every single door was opened and every single chain was broken.

I know sometimes we feel like we need a reason to praise. Sometimes praise hurts when we have a burden on our hearts. It’s as if Yah is ignoring us or punishing us yet wants us to lower ourselves to Him while we suffer and cry out. Our hears can sometimes rebuke this idea.

I can only speak for me, anyway. On plenty occasions, I’ve inwardly wailed, “Give me a reason to praise you! Deliver me first! Answer my prayer! Heal my sickness! Redeem me, and I will worship you! Save me and I will praise you!”

I was planning to let my praise come after the breakthrough, not knowing that it was my praise THAT WOULD BE the breakthrough.

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“Ye shall be holy to me, for I YAHUAH am holy, and I separated you from other people, that ye shall be mine.”

Leviticus 20:26

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